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German Spine Society (DWG) Traveling Fellowship 2017




Traveling to Coimbatore - January 30th - 31st



Ganga Hospital -  February 1st

2nd Day


Food - February 2nd

Foods of India


Congenitale Scoliosis - February 3rd

Congenital Scoliosis


Workweek - February 4th

Work week


On my way to work - February 6th

Walk to Clinic


Implants - February 7th



Indian wedding

Indian wedding


Outpatient clinic - February 8th

Outpatient Clinic


Spinal tuberculosis - February 9th

Koch Spine


Streets and shops – February 10th



TNOACON 2017 – February 11th 


Yoga - February 12th



Traumatic spinal injuries - February 13th

Spine Trauma


Religion & castes – February 14th


Research - February 1th


Drinks - February 16th



Challenge Spine Surgery  - February 17th


Newspapers - February 18th


Palliative care medicine in rural districts - February 19th

palliative care


Weekend - "Work hard, play hard, and ...



Health care management - February 20th



Animals - February 21st


Friends and Fellows - February 22nd


Ganga Team - February 23rd

Ganga Team

Thanks to all of you wonderful people at Ganga Hospital for having me! This Traveling Spine Fellowship has broadened my horizon significantly. Not just medically speaking, but also culturally. I am thankful having had the opportunity to experience Coimbatore, the Indian traffic, Tamil Nadu’s culture, and the great (spicy) south Indian food.

Visiting a nearby tea plantation I have learned what makes a great Indian tea. It’s not just simply the tea leafs, but more so the knowledge when to harvest, how to process the tea, and finally selling it for an affordable price, so that people can enjoy it most. Ganga Hospital is like an elegant “Indian tea”, rich in flavor and exported into every corner of the world. To me Ganga Hospital has just the right “taste”, created by the perfect blend of good clinical work, academics, research, and social work. Want it all? Come to Ganga’s Spine Surgery Unit and have a sip yourself.

Dr. Max Reinhold

Coimbatore, Feb. 2017

Homeward Journey - February 24th