Spine Surgery

The back consists of three anatomical regions: neck (cervical), chest (thoracic) and lower (lumbar) spine.

The spine is inextricably linked with the upright posture. To "show backbone" literally means to show strength of character and sincerity. The healthy structure and function of the spine not only relies on the complex interplay among vertebral bodies, intervertebral discs, vertebral joints, ligaments and back muscles to maintain important biomechanical and functional tasks. The spine is a symbol for an intact, "unbroken backbone", which is nothing less than the dignity of man.

Specific features

Spine surgery requires the knowledge of several specialist areas. These include, in particular, orthopaedics, trauma surgery and neurosurgery. In addition, a high degree of technical ability, craftsmanship and responsibility is required of a spine surgeon. I gained my experience during several years of training with professional practice as a trauma and orthopaedic surgeon in Germany and abroad. To date, I have performed several hundred spine surgeries independently. In recognition and as proof of my skills, I received the "Master Certificate" from the German Spine Society (DWG).

Complications can result from other health impairments. They can also be caused by human error, technical failure or occur fatefully at different stages of treatment. This is why patient education is as important to me as the honest handling of possible risks before each treatment.

Spine surgery is teamwork. Without the help of reliable and competent employees, neither proper hospital treatment nor the necessary aftercare outside the hospital is possible. Good contact with colleagues from one’s own as well as other specialist disciplines, therapists and nurses in the ambulatory sector are essential to ensure the continuity of treatment with good follow-up care.

Spine Surgery

Disorders of the spine and back pain can affect people of all ages.

If your discomfort persists or you experience a painful sensation with the involvement of the arms or legs, such health problems lead to considerable restrictions with a loss in quality of life. A visit to the doctor helps to determine the cause of these symptoms more quickly.

In this situation, I offer individual counselling and help to select the best treatment methods for you; I will coordinate therapeutic options with your personal needs and individual treatment goals. Such goals can provide an early cure or alleviation of symptoms and the avoidance of subsequent damage.