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University Medical Center Goettingen

I am available as a supervisor to medical and doctoral students who are interested in undertaking a diploma or doctoral thesis in the field of trauma surgery and orthopaedics. For a successful cooperation as well as avoiding unnecessary frustration, some things need to be considered:

1. The study design: well thought-out questions with an unambiguous assignment of the tasks involved and a clear definition of goals are essential.
2. The research: the first steps consist of a focused literature search. The study plan is completed based on knowledge of the current situation and facts. With this plan, applications for the approval of the work at university institutions and other participating authorities (ethics committee, study office, etc.) can be made.
3. The implementation and writing of the work: a binding time plan helps to carry out the experiments, clinical investigations or literary work, in order to work effectively and purposefully. Consequently, the drafting of the manuscript is not a major obstacle after thorough preparatory work is done (Steps 1-2).

If you are interested in trauma surgery or orthopaedic work or if you are looking for a supervisor for your project idea, please contact me. With my personal engagement, experience with contacts to various research facilities, scientists and specialised companies, I am glad to help you with the implementation of your research work.

Clinical traineeship, practical year internship, fellowship

If you would like to become a clinical trainee during a study-free period, or would like to get experience in the structure and work of a trauma surgery-orthopaedic department with a dedicated medical team at an urban hospital during your internship, I offer my services to you.

After work and for leisure, the Hanseatic city of Rostock has a lot to offer with its coastal area and the Baltic Sea beaches. Mecklenburg-Vorpommern and Rostock are interesting destinations in northern Germany not only for work. Therefore, the University of Rostock promotes itself with the motto "Arrived at the top. Studying and life at sea".

Medical Students

Anatomy wetlab for medical students. Teaching common orthopaedic surgical approaches.

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