Trauma Surgery

ACCIDENT and TRAUMA SURGERY is dedicated to the treatment of injuries and their consequences. A "broken backbone", that is, vertebral fractures and dislocations of the spine can lead to severe paralysis. By using different surgical techniques, traumatic spinal injuries usually can be repaired.

Trauma Surgery

Adequate accident/trauma surgical care includes nonoperative (conservative) and surgical treatment, follow-up and rehabilitation. As a specialist in accident and trauma surgery, orthopaedics and orthopaedic surgery, I offer my acquired knowledge to trauma patients requiring spine surgery. I have gained extensive clinical experience from many years in the profession as well as from a spine surgery fellowship at a Level 1 Trauma Center in northwest USA.

The well-founded theoretical knowledge I have gained is underlined by my commitment to science and teaching. The results include a series of recent trauma surgery-orthopaedic research work with publications, which can be seen here.

An adequate and effective treatment outcome for pain relief, rehabilitation and the prevention of further health impairments after trauma spine injuries can only be achieved, if the individual situation and your needs as a patient are always taken into consideration.



With the help of a patient example, I would like to present the treatment procedure of a vertebral fracture.