16. Deutscher Wirbelsäulenkongress und Jahrestagung der Deutschen Wirbelsäulengesellschaft (DWG)

09.12.2021 um 09:00 Uhr - Münster

Die 16. Jahrestagung der DWG ist für den 09.-11. Dezember 2021 in Münster geplant.

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Best Paper 2016

Global Spine Journal 2016 Best Paper Award

Dear Dr. Reinhold, 

On behalf of the Editors-in-Chief of Global Spine Journal, I am pleased to announce that your paper “The Thoracolumbar AOSpine Injury Score”, published in Global Spine Journal Volume 6, Issue 4 has won one of the two GSJ 2016 Best Paper Awards.

Your paper was chosen out of hundreds of papers due to the quality and topic of the paper as well as number of citations and downloads. As an author listed on this paper, you will be receiving a certificate in recognition for your work on this paper.

Again, Global Spine Journal’s Editorial Board would like to congratulate you on your excellent contribution and award winning paper.

Kind Regards, 

Danielle Lieberman

Managing Editor & Project Manager, Global Spine Journal


On Behalf Of

Jeffrey C. Wang, MD

Jens R. Chapman, MD

Karsten Wiechert, MD


Global Spine Journal


Die Arbeit ist Pubmed (PMID: 27190734) gelistet und kann als Free PMC full text heruntergeladen werden.