AO Spine on-site courses

07.12.2022 - Davos, Switzerland

Course: From Cockpit to Operation Room: What can Surgeons Learn from Pilots to Improve Quality and Reduce Complications

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17. Jahrestagung der Deutschen Wirbelsäulengesellschaft (DWG)

08.12.2022 um 09:00 Uhr - Berlin

Die 17. Jahrestagung der DWG findet vom 08.-10. Dezember 2021 in Berlin statt.

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AO Spine on-site courses


Ort: Davos, Switzerland

This cross divisional course is brought to you by AO Spine and will be held in the AO Davos Courses 2022. This course consists of two parts. The first part will be a self-directed, online activity in which you can complete assignments and learn at your own pace. At this stage all participants will have an individual personality profiling including a 45’ 1:1 zoom talk with an experienced communication trainer. The second part will be a live, on-site event in Davos, Switzerland, consisting of three modules in small groups addressing communication training, Crew Resource Management and SOP/Checklist training, the latter including a session in a flight simulator. A unique feature of this years course is that the last day is used to show you how you can translate these non-technical skills into your daily practice as a surgeon.